The Bats of Texas, 2nd edition
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Lasionycteris noctivagans(Le Conte, 1831)

Silver-haired Bat

Family: Vespertilionidae

Specimens Prior to 1991

(Why two sections?)

Why two different sections for specimen data?

Specimen data prior to 1991 was included in the first edition of the Bats of Texas and included only basic information. For the second edition of the book, ancillary information such as catalog number, sex, tissue numbers, etc. was collected.

Rather than mix the two sets of data into one table (which would include hundreds of empty cells for specimens prior to 1991), the two data sets were separated and formatted to best display the information.

Specimens examined, 35: Wichita Co.: Wichita Falls, 2 (MWSU). Hockley Co.: Levelland, 1 (TTU). Lubbock Co.: Lubbock, 1 (TTU). El Paso Co.: El Paso, 2 (UTEP). Culberson Co.: McKittrick Canyon, GMNP, 16 (TCWC); Thrush Hollow, 0.25 mi S Pratt Lodge, S McKittrick Canyon, GMNP, 1 (TTU). Polk Co.: 2 mi E, 1.7 mi S Camp Ruby, 1 (TCWC). Tyler Co.: 3.6 mi S, 2.9 mi W Town Bluff, 2 (TCWC); 4.2 mi S, 0.8 mi W Warren, Hickory Creek Unit, BTNP, 1 (TCWC). Jeff Davis Co.: 10 mi S Balmorhea, 1 (TTU); Davis Mts. Resort, Old McGuire Homestead, 1 (SRSU). Presidio Co.: ZH Canyon, 14.5 km SW Valentine, 5 (CCSU). Galveston Co.: Galveston Island, west-central residential area, 1 (TCWC).

Additional records: San Saba Co.: Gorman Creek, 4 mi SSE Bend (Wilkins et al., 1979). Kimble Co.: Texas Tech Univ. Center at Junction (Manning et al., 1987). Medina Co.: near Bandera (Davis, 1974); 18 mi W Bandera (Blair, 1952b).

Specimens After 1991

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What is CSV format?

CSV stands for "comma seperated values". It is a format that allows spreadsheet and database programs to easily import data for further use. Download specimen data in CSV format for viewing in your spreadsheet or database program.